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earlier today my friend chad started talking to a guy named jonathan, who is also a friend (i think.) chad is kremlingforce & jonathan is jonny.
jonny: oh my god, lol. my friend has been playing flight simulator online, and he says that like 20 people are doing nothing but crashing into the pentagon and the twin towers
jonny: lol
KremlingForce: that's horrible
KremlingForce: you seriously think that's funny?
KremlingForce: if so, you've got problems.
jonny: i think its amusing that people would actually do that. not the action itself
KremlingForce: it's not amusing, jonathan.
jonny: i mean, i think its funny when people kill others, because someone actually did that. its not funny that they died...
KremlingForce: you just contradicted yourself.
KremlingForce: it's funny when people kill other people, but not when they die.
KremlingForce: holy fucking shit, what is wrong with you?
jonny: i think its sometimes funny that they would allow themselves to do that. its horrible that it actually happened, but they have the complete lack of commen sense to do that. its more of the motive behind it
KremlingForce: no, I still can't see any way for you to qualify yourself in that sentence. There's nothing funny about what happened. it's just infinitely tragic.
jonny: i mean, i laughed so hard when on the news it said "3 year old chokes to death on a pokemon toy". its horrible that they died, but it a weird context its amusing to me
KremlingForce: go away.
jonny: no no no i dont think there is anything funny in the plane crashing!
then chad blocked him.
i think what's worse than the conversation is that after i posted a message saying that i thought jonathan was sick, two of our friends supported jonathan. i can't see how they would support something like that.
the reason i posted this was with the hopes that you would tell me if it was wrong to get so upset. i still think it was a horrible thing to laugh at & i can't understand how he could. jonathan & two other people think there was nothing wrong with it.
another thing i want to stress is that if you do agree with me, please please PLEASE do not say anything to the people i mentioned in this. in no way do i want them to get flamed. i'm just trying to get someone else's opinions on the matter. again, please do not say anything to anyone mentioned, whether or not you agree with them.
so what do you think? was i right to get pissed off, or am i overreacting?
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