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New York was beautiful

I've never been any higher than the lobby of the world trade center, but i used to hang around there with my father every other weekend.

The world Trade center was beautiful. between those towers was a small park area, with a fountain and stuff. just beautiful.

The basement, which extended under both towers, had a huge-arse shopping mall with many stores and the trains and stuff.

my father would take me there everytime we hung out. and we would always get lost in it. :P We want to exit tower 1 to go to Burger King and we always wind up in tower 2 or summat.

I remember one time we were walking through there FROM burger king and we saw these random kids. they kind of looked like your aveage street hoodlums, but they were skateboarding around the block, doing al kinds of stunts back and forth on the slopes and stuff. We just stood on the benches watching them. it was so cool! that whole place was spiffin, and it's hard to imagine that it was bombed once before, so long ago...

Battery Park. not too far from the WTC, that's where the Ferry terminals were at. it's aaalllllll the waaay at the southern shore of manhattan, not far from the WTC. the park itself was nice. it had lots of squirrels and pidgeons and stuff that practically ate off yer hands, merchants everywhere would sell shirts and stuff saying "I love NY"

Why so?

The ferry to the Statue of Liberty was in that park.

Statue of Liberty. Every 4th of july youd see a line that'd reach a mile long just to get on that ferry and see the statue. My father planned on taking me there one day. We will.

the other ferry terminal is the one where the ferry that goes to Staten Island.

My father lives there curently and was stuck there when they closed all the bridges and ferries that led to southern manhattan. I'm not sure where the bridge leads to from SI, but my father couldn't go through there, either. Not to mention everyone was quarrentined over there for a bit.

Times Square, for all i know, is covered in mad dust and ash. just seeing that place as it is now.... it's so sad. all the TVs are off and everything. and it's all grey! grey from the dust and ash that covers it. and abandoned.
They got everything there, from fancy pants restaurants to shops of all kinds, to movie theatres, laser tag arenas, phony santa clauses, and people that just stand around and entertain the pedestrians as they walk around. (they also do that in battery park). Traffic was always booming there, too, so it was best to walk around there, (tho there's people-traffic too)

While everything will get cleaned up eventually, while the plot of land where the towers resided will become a landmark reborn with the memories of the fallen, I can't possibly imagine how we all, let alone the New Yorkers who who worked/lived there, will continue on with life, But we're standing proud of what we've accomplished during the course of history....

and what we're accomplishing now in such a crisis.

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