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a promise to future generations

I promise to my peers, my children, their children, and thus their own progeny... America will defend us to the death. Bin Laden may say that we will not have any security until he feels as though he can discontinue his terror... but you know what? This is America. Nothing is going to keep us from feeling safe. Many things are guaranteed in America, among those being security and a concrete send of well-bring. America is built upon many foundations; much more than most Arab countries, and THAT'S why much of their history is filled with wartime horror and whatnot. We just have a better system than Islamic clerics who stand as dictators of countries, steal their peoples' rights, and send them back in time, defeating the purpose of living life as you so desire!

America WILL NOT BACK DOWN! This is not a war of religion, this is a war of terrorism! We fight our war solely as a tonic of preventive medicine and self-defense!

This is not a war of religion; this is a war of barbaric terrorism versus the good institution of CIVILIZATION!

Please pray for our servicemembers... Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines... they put their lives on the line for each and every one of us Americans every single day. We don't thank them enough. Here is your opportunity: pray.


PS- For once, America is also putting the more important things before the extras, the superfluous, the unecessary. THANK GOD FOR CANCELLING THE FUCKING EMMY AWARDS! For God's sake, Television, the executive producer of "Frasier" died. Don't you have enough respect for even ONE OF YOUR OWN in order to put aside your competitive nature and SHUT UP? Do you have enough respect for yourselves, your countries? I'm glad you re-considered this time.
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Anthrax keeps me from feeling safe. Don't bury your head in the sand and speak out of your butt.
It is nice to read an entry that is actually patriotic and not filled with starry-eyed niaevity such as the person who left you a comment b4 mine. And kudos to you for not responding back.
And thank YOU for not being one of the ignorant... and thank you for not shooting me down, either; I've been shot down so much that it just feels so much better to have someone understand! =)

Thanks and God bless!!! =)

The thing is, there are no absolutes. A responser put it very well, it is a road with few good paths. There are a plether of cause/effect problems and no concrete solutions. I admit, I am on the fence over the whole thing. I just sickens me that it happend AT ALL.
Exactly: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not appear in the Bill of Rights as guarantees. The constitutional amendment that allows us to have this discussion does! The right of (almost) every citizen to vote is guaranteed. Security is not.

Security of our citizenry (providing for a common defense) is a responsibility of U.S. government, and it's only as good as the U.S. can provide. A big part of that security in the past was provided by a worldwide trust: A global faith that American democracy is not evil, that the U.S. shoulders its responsibilities in the world well enough, and that U.S. people should be given grace to live their lives as they see fit.

Security felt like a birthright until 9/11/2001. But truly, it was never a right. Just a timely priveledge of our American birth.
I recognized your pic. from a comment you made. You seemed nice in this one, then you joined the pack of wolves who tore me up. Geez. I made a mistake, lj cat fight all over the place. So from one mistake, your opinion of me has so changed because of what happened. Geez, does it ever end....oh no... it never does.